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Something to note about John Forbes Nash : he/she is
6 generation from Gauss (add 1 to 100 in seconds) ; 4 generation from Chebyshev (Chebyshev Theorem);
3 generation from Markov (Markov Process) ; 5 generation from Riemann (Riemann hypothesis) ;
4 generation from Cantor (Set theory) ; 2 generation from Erdos (Erdos Number) ;
1 generation from Hilbert (Hilbert Space) ; 0 generation from Von Karman (father of modern computer) ;
not directly linked up to the other famous mathematician: Euler,Pascal,Poisson,Fourier etc.
Note: The generation here means mathematical equivalent. If A's advisor is B, and B had another student C, then A is 0 generation from C.

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